ABTA has a variety of events and initiatives planned for 2024, where we will continue to offer our Members & Partners top class education and networking opportunities.

There are currently 14 events on the ABTA 2024 calendar, 6 of which are face-to-face sessions, with the remainder being hosted online.

See below for our list of currently scheduled 2024 events and webinars.

ABTA events and webinars bring together Corporate Travel Buyers, Travel Management Companies, Airlines, Hotels and a variety of other Industry Suppliers from across Africa’s emerging markets including Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

ABTA events are the best attended events of their kind in Africa and allow all industry sectors the opportunity to engage with each other, share challenges, brainstorm solutions, identify trends and investigate best practice, thereby elevating the level of communication between sectors and building stronger industry practices.

To get involved as an Event Partner, Sponsor or participant, please contact the ABTA office for further information or download the 2024 Sponsor Guide below

2024 Sponsor Guide

For further event information, please view our Events Calendar below and check back often as details will be updated regularly.


Ghana Corporate Travel Webinar | UPDATE: BRINGING CARD PAYMENTS TO GHANA | Online | 4 June 2024

Kenya Corporate Travel Webinar | PRIORITISING KENYA’S CORPORATE TRAVEL SECTOR | Online | 11 June 2024

Travel Buyer’s Breakfast | ELEVATING YOUR TRAVEL MANAGEMENT CAREER | Johannesburg, South Africa | 14 June 2024

Nigeria Corporate Travel Webinar | FUTURE-PROOFING NIGERIA’S CORPORATE TRAVEL INDUSTRY | Online | 20 June 2024

South Africa Corporate Travel Webinar | Online | 15 August 2024

Ghana Corporate Travel Webinar | Online | 12 September 2024

ABTA Annual Conference | Johannesburg, South Africa | 11 October 2024 (TBC)

Corporate Travel Workshop | Cape Town, South Africa | 25 October 2024

Travel Buyer’s Breakfast | Johannesburg, South Africa | 7 November 2024

Kenya Corporate Travel Webinar | Online | 14 November 2024

Nigeria Corporate Travel Webinar | Online | 21 November 2024

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